What's the dumbest thing someone said to you about depression/anxiety?



Marissa Lacourse -That I don't have a reason to be depressed, even though I've been severely bullied my whole life and have been raped. But even if I hadn't experienced trauma like that I'd still be depressed because that's just how my head is wired.

Betty Rodriguez Marissa Lacourse ...I use to see my aunts and uncles get kicked in the ass at grandparents house..I was so scared it would happen to me too even though they were the best grand parents in the world....when good thi go happene I keep expecting the worst to follow....I lived there since birth to 6...raped in my 20 several times by friends and verbally by boyfriends for standing up for myself I'm 65 now...

 Iain Jones-Being told by close family members that they had been ashamed when I suffered a major breakdown 30+ years ago and lost my job because of it. At the time, I got the usual response: 'What have you got to be depressed about?' Or 'Everybody gets depressed.'

Lisa Leasure-You are just ungrateful. People are dying every day that want to live and you just want attention talking about how you wish you weren’t here. Get over yourself. The next time you try to off yourself do it right. this was said by my brother.

Jessica Tice-It can't be that bad. And they don't get how hard it is to get out of bed or put on a fake smile or have anxiety so bad your guts feel like it in a knots and you want to crawl out your skin where your gut is screaming on the inside but on the outside, you look fine.

Jerry Thornton-Just comes along and go with us…You’ll be fine and you’ll feel better. Or just smile, that will help a lot…

Marianne Fernandez-Yup heard this A Lot!!! Last place I want to be is out, I felt even worse seeing everyone carry on & I felt sooo stuck in my head!

 Holly Conklin-I had numerous people tell me to get over myself that nobody's depressed or has anxiety. That it's all in my head.

Annereth Engelbrecht-I demand my depression. It is in my head. Someone told me I must try to look better and that I must put a smile on my face and pull myself together.

Tiara Brown-You're making yourself feel that way it’s all in your head …… couldn’t stand when someone told me this. I almost lost my shyt

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