What is the best way to get rid of suicidal thoughts? Help please.



QUESTION-What is the best way to get rid of suicidal thoughts? help, please. 

Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.

This is a principle that guide human intentions and the subsequent actions or behavior. Suicide is the final execution to end one's life following an intention to do so earlier on. Sometimes the final execution of the suicide takes a longer time, yet in some cases the intention and execution might quite first and seamless.

Suicide affects different parties differently. To the person who commits suicide its the end of the pain, anguish, suffering. To the family members, friends and colleagues left behind its a different ball game altogether. 

They are left asking why their spouse, parent, child, friend and colleague took that ultimate action. This sad ending could be an awakening to those left behind on the pitfalls of surface level relations with their loved ones.

Either way suicide is not the best choice in the long run. However, its important to note that suicide ideation begins at the though level. 

Sustained Thoughts of loss, grief, worthlessness, hopelessness, and helplessness could lead to suicide. Going back to the "Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh principle. 

According to this principle its possible to prevent suicide deaths if we  stop or prevent suicide ideation. Suicidal thoughts are categorized into active and passive thoughts.

Active thoughts of suicide involve clear and specific thoughts about suicide or plans to take your own life. Passive suicidal thoughts on the other hand could take a less defined, or passive form.

First, know that you are not alone. Anyone can experience suicidal thoughts. These thoughts should not be construed to connote  a weakness, flaw, or personal failing. Suicidal thoughts are nothing to feel guilty or ashamed over, either — no matter your situation.

The following  actions will help you stay safe while you work on getting more long-term support if you've been exploring suicide techniques or are actively thinking about ending your life:

Reach Out-Being authentic is being true to your thoughts, and feelings as you relate with your family members, friends and colleagues. There is no better time to be authentic with your close relations than when you are having suicidal thoughts who can help you keep safe. 

There is always one family member, friend or colleague you can trust to keep your confidence even on such a sensitive matter as suicide. If you are not sure who turn to, start with a 3L Framework Live Chat i will listen with compassion and guide you on more convenient ways to reach out for help.

There is no better time to be authentic with your close relations than when you are having suicidal thoughts who can help you keep safe.

Go Somewhere Safe -Do not stay in your house alone, visit a friend or relative and spend some time with them. Go to public places where there are other people present.

 Physical movement can help your mind tune out of the frustrating thoughts and feelings helping you stay safe even if its one day.

Lock up or get rid of weapons-Safety also means staying away from guns, drugs, or other possible suicide methods. Friends and family  can help  remove these items or keep them with you, especially if you need to continue taking the medicine. You will not have access to extra tablets as they can provide one dose at a time.

Keep Of alcohol and other substances-Drinking alcohol and using substances may seem to help paralyze painful and unwanted emotions, but  they can actually exacerbate depression and suicidal ideation.

Use grounding techniques-A quick walk, hugging your pet, and  breathing are all examples of grounding techniques that can help you stay in the current moment during a moment of intense need. Don't know how to get started? 3L Framework Live Chat can also talk to you (or write a letter) by trying.

Do something to help you relax-Listening to music, enjoying your favorite food and drink, and watching pictures (or videos) of your favorite people and animals  can make you feel calm and stressed.

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