How do you let people know you're struggling with depression and anxiety


SITUATION-I've been lying in bed with my eyes closed but awake since 3:30 am. I am sick feeling to my stomach and can't shut my mind off.  I'm having horrible stress and anxiety from work, my boss, money, and struggles in my life. I can't share with anyone I know for I don't want them to know I am not good enough. I put a lot of pride and passion into what I do, I just feel like I'm expected to be perfect and I am not good enough.

Depression thrives on these three pillars namely, a sense of worthlessness, a sense of hopelessness, and a sense of helplessness. More often than not, depression causes people to feel worthless, and insignificant. A sense of worthlessness is feeling less talented, less gifted, less monied, is disadvantaged because of race, color, creed in comparison to another or other persons.

A sense of worthlessness is feeling less talented, less gifted, less monied, is disadvantaged because of race, color, creed in comparison to another or other persons.

As you can see a sense of worthlessness alienates you from close people in your life. Look at it this way who else would you compare yourself with, unless he/she is a person you meet and interact with regularly with. You must have come across a person(s) who in your own estimation and assessment is (are) more talented, gifted, intelligent, experienced, beautiful compared to you. 

As a consequence of your own assessment you will begin to emotionally, mentally, and spiritually withdraw from such people to protect yourself from the pressure, pain, shame, and stress of being near them. The people close to you sensing the drift will too begin to withdraw emotionally, mentally and spiritually, and ultimately physically.

This turn of events will throw a vicious cycle into the mix. The same individual who distanced himself/herself from the once-close relations will begin to attribute his/her earlier withdrawal to the 'rejection', dissociation, and withdrawal of the once close associates. 

This will see the emotional, mental, and spiritual gap between the depressed individual the once-close relations widen further and further to a point any desire of healing the rift seems far-fetched and unrealistic. At this point, a depressed person is likely to shut and shut out every other person.

The way out of depression is the path towards authenticity. Finding a way to open up your world to the world is a starting point. You were never created to live in Isolation. Pain and suffering of whatever kind is meant to draw authentic social support and not drive it away. You need the warmth, encouragement, and support of your close relations when you are going through emotional turmoil and anguish of whatever kind. 

If you are experiencing depression and related emotional and mental disorders, you need to work towards having as much social support as possible. Here is how you can open up your world to close relations for their social support during the dark moments of your life.

Acknowledge Being Human-You come into the physical space with worth, value, and essence just by showing up as a human being. Being human is a default setting that affords you the legitimacy to be an occupant on earth. Every human being comes with a capacity for social connections and relations. That is why we are born into families. Your normal and optimal functioning depends so much on how consciously an individual values, prioritizes, and engages in social connections.

Key Words-back to default settings meaning,what is default settings, the importance of default setting, 

Master Your World -You are a unique, separate, and single individual from any other human being in this world. Embrace your sense of divine difference and use it to make choices and decisions to favor your emotional, mental, and spiritual growth. Learn your personality type for instance, and let it guide you on whose company you are safe and secure. Once you are conscious of your uniqueness, separateness, and originality, realize that all that endowment is of little benefit to you until it's spent on relating and serving other separate, unique, and different human beings.

Balance being human and Strong-Being human means you come with the emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical capacity to go through different difficult experiences, circumstances, and events without being overcome and overwhelmed. Let this capacity flow naturally to handle the adversity of any kind, solve any human problem, respond with faith in any situation and take pride in being independent and self-reliant on such occasions. 

The flip side of being human is also acknowledging when your emotional, mental, and spiritual capacity comes short in the face of some type of adversity and situations. When you come to the end of yourself don't feel bad. No reason to feel like you are weak or something. You are just being human. So what is next when you hit a dead end? Be Strong.

Your human strength is put into a test whenever you hit a dead end. There comes a time in your life when the present circumstances demand experience, intelligence, and wisdom that supercedes what you have at your disposal. In such cases calling for help and support demonstrates strength. Its human to call for help because it was anticipated that one time you will need someone else intelligence, experience and wisdom to get you out of a situation.

According to me if you practise the above disciplines you are going to attract to your world authentic men and women who will offer emotional, mental and spiritual support to you at an hour of need. 

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