12 Practical Steps To Understand Your Potential



Everything in this world was constructed with the potential concept in mind. There is a tree in every seed. There is a flock in every bird. Every fish has a school. There is a flock of sheep in every sheep. Every cow has a herd. Every boy is a man...every girl is a woman every nation is a nation. Generation. When a tree dies in a seed, a man dies in a boy, tragedy happens.

The term "potential" refers to "dormant capacity" and "reserved power." Untapped potential, unrealized success, hidden abilities, and limited capability are all examples of untapped potential. 

You may be anything you want to be, but you haven't yet... everything you can accomplish but hasn't yet... how far you can go but have yet to go... what you are capable of yet have yet to achieve Potential refers to a person's hidden abilities and power.

Your potential is packed with healing, solutions, relief, to humanity's pains, challenges, and sufferings. However, it remains with you until you decide to express it in service to humanity. 

Unfortunately, there are so many people wallowing in feelings of worthlessness, hopelessness, and helplessness on grounds they are not talented, gifted, and skilled like so and so. 

The truth is, the possession of potential in every male and female necessitated their manifestation on the physical earth. Your part of the bargain is to discover the potential and begin to spend it serving and solving humanity's problems.

Before we go very far, proverbs 20:5 has this to say to the subject matter-"potential".

The purpose in a man’s heart is like deep water, but a man of understanding will draw it out. [Proverbs20.5]

 The interpretation of this verse is that potential in a person is a reality, but the expression of potential in real life is not obvious. There is work to be done for the expression to happen.

This work is discovering this potential and being intentional in drawing it out of the individual. Here are the 12 practical steps towards the discovery of the specific potential in you.

01-Acknowledge Everything in Life Has Potential-Every created thing has a specific potential corresponding to the purpose of creation. 

All men are sent to the world with limitless credit,but few draw to their full extent.

 It is a pity that, with over five billion people on the earth today, just a small percentage will realize even a small portion of their true potential. Perhaps you are a contender for adding to the cemetery's wealth. Your potential was not given to you to be buried. 

You must recognize your enormous potential and commit to maximizing it in your brief lifetime. You are a creature loaded with potential (emotional, mental and spiritual, and physical) to aid you in executing your divine purpose. 

Reflection: What does the realization of being loaded with potential affect your choices and decisions right now?

02-The Source of All Potential-Everything in life was created with potential and is governed by the notion of potential. Because the Creator is the potential principle, there is an abundance of potential in creation. When we characterize God, we frequently use the phrase "omnipotent."

The term "omnipotent" refers to God's ability to act at all times. Made combination of two words: Omni, which means "always," and potent, which means "powerful."

God is omnipotent, which means he has the ability to be everything. He possesses the potential for all that is, was, or ever will be. He is omnipotent or omnipotently powerful.

Reflection-How does the notion God is the source of your potential affect your relationship with Him?

03-Who Are You? -When God gazed upon Adam, he saw a world. He saw nations when he gazed at Abraham. He saw a Messiah in Jacob, a deceiver. God recognized a deliverer in Moses the murderer. Can you imagine witnessing the greatest leader in history as a stammering young man?

In a shepherd child, God envisioned a king. When the Israelites demanded a king, God sent Samuel to Jesse's home. When Jesse found out why Samuel was there, he dressed up all of his sons: the gorgeous one, the tall one, the curly-haired one, the strong one, and the muscular one. From the finest to the least of Jesse's sons, they all swirled out in front of Samuel.

Samuel sat with his vase of anointing oil, watching Jesse's performance as he presented his sons. What about you, would your parents consider you their first of forgotten choice? 

The majority of us are like Jesse. We look, but we don't see anything. Were you the family's black sheep? (You know how God feels about sheep.) Have your parents told you that you're a nobody? Have you been put off and put out so many times that you've started to believe you'll never amount to anything? Do you have the feeling you're the black sheep?

You are most likely the one God is looking for in the house. God sees things within you that others do not. They see a nobody in you, but God sees a worthwhile somebody in you. You may spend your entire life competing against others. 

That's it. Only your creator sees you better, full of worth, full of value than anybody in your family and outside your family. If you have been struggling with appreciating who you truly are, your next course of action cut out for you already. 

Connect with your source, and before long your understanding of yourself will mirror that of the creator.

Reflection: Who have always thought you are in regard to how your parents have defined and regarded you?

04-What Happened to the Real You?-God created man by speaking to Himself in the beginning. He took a piece of Himself and implanted it in the first man so that Adam may be like Him and partake in His life.

However, God's plan for His children's lives was shattered by their disobedience. The deception of Satan, as well as the sins of man and woman, damaged the relationship between God and the creatures He had created. Man's relationship with God became warped and skewed as the fellowship of kindred thoughts and intentions was destroyed.

 Humans lost their ability to be like the Creator—to know His thoughts and perceive the world through His eyes. Our access to God was severed as a result of sin, as was the treasure of God's secret was buried away from our access.

When a man puts a limit on what he can be, he has put a limit on what he will be.

 God's profound things grew to be more than we could know or fathom. Satan entered our lives to diminish, negate, and destroy our potential. He has killed, stolen, and ruined what God has put deep within each individual. The devil has succeeded over the years in teaching men and women, each with a small bit of God, that they are worthless, corrupt, unable creatures. 

But, in the end, Jesus came into the world to answer this precise issue. The purpose of the appearance of the Son of God was to demolish the devil's work. Jesus came to fight in "the battle of the caps," or the battle of the destroyers.

In the world, there are two destroyers. One is Satan, while the other is God. Jesus came to destroy and Satan comes to destroy.

Reflection: How does the fact that Jesus was God sent to restore clarity about your potential affect how you will engage in life going forward?

05-Whose Wisdom Are Operating With?-Any wisdom that does not serve its original goal is considered stupid by God. So, if you are clever and can truly figure things out, but you use your wisdom to steal, God responds to you, "You are silly." If you are a very talented musician, but you use it to instill lewdness and sensuality in others, causing them to pervert themselves, God considers you to be silly.

If you know that God gave you the ability to believe, but you decide to believe there is no God, God considers you a fool.

Because when you use the belief God has given you to say you don't believe in Him, your wisdom becomes folly. "There is no such thing as a fool," the idiot says in his heart.

Wisdom is supreme; so acquire wisdom. And whatever you may acquire, gain understanding.[ Proverbs 4:7]

 God has given you secret wisdom that He implanted in you before you were born. He planted a potential something within you—wisdom to know who you are and what you were designed to be and do. 

That potential something was in God, but He permitted it to seep into you.  when He yanked you out of Himself It's a concealed understanding.  neither our society's wisdom nor our leaders' insights  Unlike the wisdom of the world, which is useless, God's secret is priceless.  

Your wisdom is a priceless gem. Many people die without unveiling their wealth of wisdom. They die in total foolishness, without experiencing the life that dwells within. What a pity! They have missed God’s secret wisdom. (Secret here does not mean “to be withheld from.” It rather has the meaning of “to have never known existed.” There is a difference.

 God is not holding back from the world. He is not withholding from us our true potential. It’s just that we have never known that it is within us.)

Reflection: How does the realization of having wisdom in you the world needs influence how you will relate with others?

06-Find Out Why You Were Born?-God has given you a pearl of secret wisdom that He implanted in you before you were born. He planted a potential something within you—wisdom to know who you are and what you were designed to be and do. That potential something was in God, but He permitted it to seep into you.  when He yanked you out of Himself It's a concealed understanding.  neither our society's wisdom nor our leaders' insights  Unlike the wisdom of the world, which is useless, God's secret is priceless. Your wisdom is a priceless gem.

If you feel good about yourself,you will feel good about other people.

 God looks at us and sees that we are worth feeling good about. We are special to God. We are valuable and important. On the sixth day, God completed the greatest work of creation by creating human beings. 

God declared His creation to be good as He glanced about. You are included in this! God took one glance at the man and said, He had created a woman and judged her to be "very good God has a favorable opinion of you. 

He made you in His likeness. and drew you from Himself You were in God before you were born. You have been given a portion of His potential.

Reflection: What were you born to accomplish in this world?

07-What Can You Do?-Too frequently, we fail in our endeavors because we were raised to believe that we couldn't do certain things. People who transform the world are those who have removed the word "impossible" from their dictionaries. The men and women who make history are those who come up against the odds and tell the odds that they can't stop them.

The people who change the world are people who have taken the impossible out of their dictionaries.

 When reflecting on his years of service to the Lord, the apostle Paul claimed that he could accomplish all things through Christ who strengthens him. 

The Greek word for strengthen does not imply that we are helpless and that God comes to prop us up. "Christ who continues to imbue me with capacity," Paul's words literally indicate. Thus Paul says, "I can do all things via Christ's potential, who infuses me with the ability to do all things."

 This is not a one-time skill, but rather a constant ability that is poured into us as a result of our connection to Christ. As a result, our potential is not restricted to performing some of the things God asks of us.

A man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.

Reflection: What does Philippians 4:13 mean to you in midst of a feeling of having the capacity to accomplish what you have been created to?

08-Challenge Your Ability-Your ability needs responsibility to expose its possibilities. Do what you can with what you have where you are. [Theodore Roosevelt]

People who are blessings to humanity are usually men and women who determine that they are greater than what others have spoken about them.

People who bless the world feel that they have the potential to achieve something that has never been done before. Even if they are unsure of what they are capable of, they try because they believe they can achieve something.

Reflection: What are you going to do differently to go an extra step than those you walked last week?

09-Find Out the Key to Your Potential?-Agrape vine is a fascinating plant. The vine, which is the thick wooden component that runs from the ground up the pole, is the sole living element of the plant. There is no life in the branches; all life is in the vine. The little green things on the side with the grapes hanging on them have no life. They draw their energy from the vine. They don't have a root in themselves. If you broke one of those green branches off and planted it in the ground, it would never grow because it lacks the potential to sustain life. When a thing is divorced from its source, it cannot live. The key to your potential is staying connected to your source.

The secret to a happy and productive life is remaining attached to your Source.

Reflection: How are you ensuring you are staying connected to the source of your potential?     

10-Stop Limiting Your Unlimited Potential-As we examine the incredible challenge of realizing our genuine and complete potential, it is critical that we recognize how significant each of us is and how unique we are to God. The first thing that would change if you realized how much power and worth you had is your attitude toward yourself.

Many of us struggle to convey a positive attitude toward others because we are self-conscious. Great positive thinkers and personal motivators, as well as psychologists, all agree that if you feel good about yourself, your attitude toward others will be changed. However, for many positive thinking techniques, this is essentially an attempt to persuade oneself through mental manipulation.

Reflection-How have You Been Limiting Your Potential in the past year?

11-Find Out the Keys to Fulfilling Your True Potential-We are wonderful, carefully constructed, complexly conceived, and built pieces of equipment. But we're at a loss on what to do. 

We haven't even begun to comprehend our entire potential. God foresaw this and supplied us with a manual with a description of our parts. "Now this first portion is your spirit, second part is your soul, and third part is your body," he explained. Here's what the body should do...what here's the soul can do...what here's the spirit can accomplish." God also tells us about the possibilities of this piece of machinery known as humans. He mentions all the things we are capable of performing in His guidebook. In summary, the following keys will lead you to maximize your God-given potential.

  1. Key #1—You must know (be related to) your Source
  2. Key #2—You must understand how the product was designed to function.
  3. Key #3—You must know your purpose.
  4. Key #4—You must understand your resources.
  5. Key #5—You must have the right environment.
  6. Key #6—You must work out your potential.
  7. Key #7—You must cultivate your potential.
  8. Key #8—You must guard your potential.
  9. Key #9—You must share your potential.
  10. Key #10—You must know and understand the laws of limitation.

Reflection: How frequently have you been reading the bible?

12-Dare to Believe In Your Potential-God paid the greatest price necessary—the cost of His own life—to release our full potential. Despite this, many of us continue to live below our real potential. We've accepted the criteria imposed by other people's assessments of our capabilities. We are hesitant to take action beyond our fantasies.

It's easier to daydream about all the things we could do instead of focusing on what we can do. People who transform the world are those who wake up from their dreams. They don't merely wish; they do something about it.

I'm here to encourage you to move on with the actual things of God if you've accepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior. What have you been up to since you were resurrected? What have you achieved so far?

Reflection: What will you do differently to demonstrate believing in the potential at your disposal?

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