When does the death of a parent a blessing in disguise to the Child?



Hey parents! allow me to have a conversation with each one of us, and it's touching on effective parenting. Because we all parents, BECAUSE  we have children because we brought the children to the physical earth. And so we are vital people in their lives. But it goes beyond that.it goes beyond your physical presence or your physical importance. If you are to be an effective parent then you've got to move from being physically important to being emotionally, mentally, and spiritually important to this child. 

So in every child before you, there is value. There is worth, that cannot be corrupted by whatever is happening around them. It's an incorruptible worth because its value is essential. Its value in essence. Like this is who they are. So you cannot remove a part of who someone is. Who someone is reflected in the holistic nature of this person. 

There are gifts, talents, purpose, greatness, excellence, in every child. But most times all that greatness, all the potential, all those gifts, and talent go unexpressed, why? Because the environment created by the parents shuts the child in. It shuts the gifting, it shut their potential, it shuts the talent, it shuts the excellence or the greatness. 

So if you are to become an effective parent; you've got to be focused on how you can create an environment, that is supportive, that is Challenging, that is Inspirational, and Motivating for the child to go deep into who they are, into their gifting, into their talents and bring that one out.

The best in every human being can only flow when the environment is conducive, is calm, is peaceful, is supportive is motivating. Unfortunately, in many homes, the environment created by the parents is that one of fear is that one of intimidation, is that one of manipulation. Now if the environment, if the atmosphere in your home is described by the words I have used; fear, intimidation, manipulation forget it. 

Your child may never manifest their greatness. Now God has so many ways of helping what He created to live for its purpose. But it means that will happen outside your home. Outside your family.

 How hurtful will it be, if it comes into realization, your child achieves nothing while they are under your care, while they are under your watch! But as soon as maybe you die, God forbid, and they become an orphan, that's the time they will discover and manifest their greatness.

 It is saddening. it's a sobering reality,  I'm even becoming emotional as I mention this. But um okay sorry, but it's just a wake-up call that as parents we need to ask ourselves what kind of environment your child is being brought up in? what kind of atmosphere are you creating in your child's life? is it full of FAITH, is it full of confidence, is it full of affirmation, is it full of love, or it's full of FEAR, intimidation, and manipulation? 

Thank you very much. I'll share more in the subsequent videos, but for this one ask yourself, are you creating fear of faith in your child to become who they were created to become? Thank you I'll see you in the next video

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