What are the 5 Steps to Build Self Confidence


 Today, I want to give you five easy steps to build your self-confidence so stay tuned. I get many questions about what do I do? I feel really bad about myself and I want to give you some easy steps to building your own self-confidence. 

Because when we believe in ourselves and we know that we can do things and we can achieve things, we actually do. And there are honestly so many other ways, I only give you five today. 

But there are so many other ways that we can work to build our self-confidence. So if any of you have tips that you'd like to leave, let me know below and make sure to share this video because the more we spread this, the more self-confidence we can bring to people, right? And that's amazing. So, without further ado, number one 

1. Groom Yourself -Dress Nicely. 

You'd be surprised how much better. We feel about ourselves when we are showered, we are wearing an outfit that we feel good in and I know this seems specific to girls, but guys are the same. If you are clean-shaven, you're wearing a nice outfit and you’re headed somewhere and you feel like am ready to kick some ass. 

There's something about being dressed nicely, being clean and groomed. That makes us feel so much better about ourselves. And that's something that is actually pretty easy to take care of. Number two, 

2. Think Positively 

I talk all the time about having that negative voice and that positive voice, but let's actually do it. We have to kill those negative thoughts. We can't let them live in our lives all the time. And taking notice of how often we're thinking negative things like I can't do this. This is terrible. It's never gonna work blah, the longer we spend feeling bad about ourselves. So stop it, notice think positive be like, I can, I'm amazing. This is gonna happen because I want it to. And if we can turn around those negative thoughts and we can squash them and get rid of them turn them into positive, will not only feel better and like have an air of confidence about ourselves, but we'll also get so much more accomplished and will actually start achieving our goals. Now number three right off, a number two is

3. Act Positive. 

Sometimes the quote that I use a lot is like, fake it till you make it. Because oftentimes by volunteering, by getting out and spending time with people who build us up, and being friendly to people, being generous, be welcoming to people. The coffee shop. Oh hi. Let me get that door for you. Thank you so much. You're so nice. Oh, that made my day. 

Being friendly to other people and acting in a positive manner can totally turn it around for us. And I even have that experience in my life. If I get up and I'm running late, and they go to the coffee shop and it's not like the other day, they're like drip coffee only. I don't like your coffee. I drove extra to go over here and get this coffee from you and now you can't make it and I could have really let myself. Oh, feel really bad. 

But instead, I decided to act positively. Open the door for this little lady. Hi good morning, good to see you. Hope you have a good day and my day turned around. So if you can't make it, we can fake it. It's okay. Number four, 

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4. Get Prepared. 

You don't want to go somewhere to a test or to an interview, or to meet new people without feeling prepared for it. This can be anything from like me, taking my licensing exam, I studied my ass off. I took practice exams, I took practice quizzes. Practice flashcards, flashcards so that I felt prepared. Because oftentimes, we almost set ourselves up to feel bad, like we will go into an interview, we'll stress about it, it will feel so bad. We won't even do anything to prepare for it. And then we sit there and they ask us questions and we don't know what to say, and that just recapitulates that negative thinking. And so, we'll keep thinking, yes, see, I am a dumb idiot. I am…... you’re not, we're not we just weren't prepared, 

So whatever it is that you're going to do, even if you're going to a friend's house, you know, you're gonna go out that night, bring a couple of pairs of clothes that you feel good in, like I said in number, one dressing nice, you want to prepare for, you want to make sure you get enough sleep, so you're gonna be out late. Maybe you know, there are things we can do to prepare ourselves for success. And the more prepared we are the better we feel about ourselves. And the final number five, the final tip to building better self-confidence is

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5. Setting Small Goals And Achieving Them.

 Now, this doesn't mean getting an A in science or landing that new job, those are not small goals. Small goals make each one of these things a habit. This week, I'm gonna shower and dress, nicely for three days. Today, I'm gonna make sure that I am friendly to one person. Those are small goals because guess what, when we achieve those small goals, we feel even better about ourselves. And we're like, Yeah, yeah, put a check in that box, that thing that I was gonna do this week.

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So, each week, I encourage you to set small goals, working towards the things that I just mentioned. So whether it's I'm gonna get out of bed, I'm gonna shower, and I'm gonna care how I look, I'm a dress, nice, two days, one day, whatever it is. I'm gonna be nice to one person, I'm gonna get out and prepare for that test that's coming up in two weeks today. I'm gonna prepare for 30 minutes. Whatever it is, set those small goals because each time you achieve them, you'll feel better and better. 

And I promise if we're working together, we're working on these tools. We will start to feel better about ourselves and then the world is our oyster, right? We can do whatever we want and we're forced to be recognized. So, keep checking back. Keep liking these videos and sharing them. If you haven't talked on my website on katimorton.com,


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