How to walk out of a marriage worsening your depression?



Facebook User Dilemma: I got married last year.  I did not agree. But my parents forced me to get marry her.  I did not like her. Now I am in depression sometimes I thought suicide is the way for me. There is no way. Cause I am living my life with a person but I did not prefer her.  Every person has their own wish. She is not included in the category that I like.  Huge depression killing me day by day

You feel hopeless and helpless in this situation rightfully so, because for some unknown reason you gave your power to decide the quality of your life to your parents.  In your own words you admit the spouse you are married to right now was their choice, and although this relationship is not working you feel trapped and stuck.

This situation you are in right now is the consequence of giving your personal power away to your parents and now they are abusing it by controlling even the spouse you are to marry.

  To correct this situation will include identifying how you gave your power away, and secondly, recovering it.

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