3 Easy Ways To Connect and Manifest Your Best Version?


 Facebook User Question-I'm new to this group. And my friend has been hounding me to change who I was and still am in my past. I'm stuck. And I need help finding the door and ripping it open and finding the new and way better version of myself. I need help and advice. Is someone out there who can help me?

Coach  Response:
Welcome to Ask a Therapist Podcast, where I respond to questions posted on Facebook touching on emotional and mental health. When working with my clients I use a framework called 3L which is conversational in nature and has talk therapy in it 

It's basically, about working with you to create a motion, to create a flow of your suppressed thoughts, your suppressed feelings, your suppressed emotions, which I believe is a reason why you are intoxicated, the reason why there's so much pain within you, and like it's even going into a depression.

 So our today's dilemma you'll read it by yourself, but I just want to respond to it. it's about "How do I bring out the best version of myself?" Well the situation here is, this is a lady but she has friends who are putting pressure on her to perform better. To engage better, to be a different person than she's been in the past which is perfect. We need to have such friends who see you beyond your surface engagements, you know. 

However, how do you bring out the best version of yourself? It has two levels; Level number one is;

01-Connect with the Best Version of Yourself. This has got to do with establishing an intimate relationship with yourself. Discover your gifts, discover your talents, discover your strengths, discover your uniqueness and discover your authenticity. 

Once you discover who you are that is the beginning point. Because now you'll begin to engage in life from who you are. From a point of knowledge, from a point of understanding, from a point of awareness. 

The second level of course is about now

02-Expressing the Best Version of Yourself to your friends, as you engage with them, as you converse with them. As you go to school, as you go to college, as you go to your workplace, this best version ought to be released. 

Now there's a lot of fear why we don't bring out the best version ourselves. Because we think we'll rock the boat, we think we will irk people, we think we'll disappoint people, we will think we won't be loved, we won't be accepted. We need to work on those fears. 

Work on the reason why you don't feel okay bringing out the best version of yourself. For instance, insist on engaging in any conversation from a space of authenticity. Expressing your Authentic feelings, your authentic thoughts, your authentic reasonings should be as natural as breathing in and out.

03-Stay Open to Feedback-A healthy relationship is about the emotional, mental, and spiritual exchange of the parties involved. You have connected to your authentic self and have practiced engaging with others from that space. The next bit that completes the equation is feedback from those you have been engaging. It's natural for what you express to arouse different thoughts, emotions, and feelings from those you engage with. This feedback could help you improve your relationships if you will allow, receive and use it.

There you have it, friend! Three easy ways to connect and express your best version out.

Now it's your turn to share with me how you have been expressing your best version.

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