How drinking red bull helps with depression?


 Facebook User Question: Is it just me or does Red Bull help my depression a little bit when I drink it? Idk if it's the caffeine but coffee doesn't help me out of bed and Red Bull makes me wanna conquer the world for 3 hours lol.

Can Red Bull help with depression? 
Do energy drinks help depression?

Coach Martin Response: Indeed drinking red bull may temporarily help some people in depression because of the caffeine in it, but has the potential to make the symptoms of depression worse. Consequently, the most permanent reprieve for depression should be sought. Personally, I refer my clients to a 3L framework whose premise presumes depression is caused by the creation and suppression of distorted thoughts, feelings, and emotions. So the starting point is always to help my clients create a flow and motion of the suppressed thoughts, feelings, and emotions through a conversational approach.

 Refer to the 3L process explained to understand how the 3L framework can help you get instant relief but natural relief even as you pursue other treatment approaches to depression.

Red bull is an energy drink that contains caffeine. Research around whether caffeine helps people with depression or makes the symptoms worse is inconclusive, yet Scientific studies into the relationship between caffeine and depression have often shown that caffeine can reduce the incidence of depression.

Some studies even suggest that caffeine intake could reduce the incidence of suicide.

One 2016 analysis looked at 11 observational studies that took place in China between 1980 and 2015. It found that caffeine contributed to a significant decrease in a person’s risk of depression.

Another analysis of 12 studiesTrusted Source looked at the relationship between caffeine and depression. The analysis included the data of 346,913 individuals, of whom 8,146 had depression.

The study concluded that caffeine, particularly when present in coffee, had a protective effect against depression.

The study also revealed that tea was less protective than coffee but still effective in reducing depression risk to some extent.

A 2019 analysis of data from 80,173 people trusted Source found that drinking one to four cups of coffee per day reduced the risk of suicidal ideation in women. It did not affect suicidal ideation in men, however.
Source: Medical News Today

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