How to relate better with self and with others



The most important relationship of all, the most lasting relationship I will ever have is the relationship I have with myself. All other relationships come and go. Even marriages that last until death do us part end eventually. The one person I am with forever is me. 

My relationship with me is eternal. So what is this relationship like? Do I wake up in the morning? Glad to find me here. Am I a person I like to be with? Do I enjoy my own thoughts? Do I laugh with myself? Do I love my body? Am I content to be with me? If I don't have a good relationship with myself, how can I have a good one with someone else? If I don’t love myself I will always be looking for someone to make me happy, to fulfill my dream.


Being needy is the best way to attract unsuccessful relationships. As an author, Wayne dyers say; in any relationship in which two people become one. The end result is two half people. You see if you expect the other person. To fix your life or to be your better half. You are setting yourself up for failure. You want really to be happy with who you are before you enter a relationship.  

You want to be happy enough so that you don’t even need a relationship. Also, if you have a relationship with someone who does not love himself or herself, then it is impossible to really please that person. You will never be good enough for someone who is insecure, frustrated, jealousy, self-loathing, or resentful.

Too often, we knock ourselves out, trying to be good enough for partners who don't have any idea how to accept our love. Because they don't love who they are.

 Life is a mirror. What we attract always mirrors those qualities we have. Or beliefs we have about ourselves and relationships. 

What others feel about us is their own limited perspective of life? We must learn that life is always loved us unconditionally. Jealous people are very insecure. They don't value themselves. 

They have no faith in their self-worth. Jealousy is really saying iam not good enough. So, I know my partner is going to cheat me or leave me for someone else. 

This creates anger and blame. If you stay with the jealous person, then you are saying that you don't deserve a loving relationship. It's often the same thing with spousal Abusers. They either grew up in a family where abuse was normal, and they just continue the family pattern.

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