How Start relating Better with Self to Relate Better with Others-Video Lesson01



There are three extracts from this Video Lesson01. 
You definitely deserve Love, and not just love but true Love. 

However, the inside-out approach to receiving the love you deserve is how this game is played. 

Unfortunately, most of us were never trained to show people how to love us, because of the experiences we went through in our primary relationship with our mothers and fathers.

Which taught us to receive from others whatever they give us in the name of love even when it was characterized with conditional, abusive, and manipulative tendancies.

Yet this truth remains. We are not responsible for what happened to us while we were children, Yet we can now take personal responsibility for our present and future.

The first thing we gonna do is heal and start loving ourselves and set the pace on what true love means. 

In this 21 DAY, SELF LOVE CHALLENGE, you learn to love yourself, unconditionally, cultivate self-worth, self-compassion and confidence.)
Rule of Thumb: Love Your Neighbour as You Love Yourself

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