How to THRIVE through painful and difficult circumstances


I think it's safe to say that each one of us goes through difficult circumstances, painful experiences, you know that leave us hurt emotionally. That leaves us crushed, you know even mentally.

 But there are two kinds of people. There are those who thrive through difficult circumstances. Who thrive through painful experiences. Those who bring out their best during those difficult circumstances. 

And then group number two, is a group that usually dies during those difficult circumstances, painful experiences. So which of the two groups do you belong to? 

How have you been, you know handling painful experiences, difficult circumstances that you've been going through, and you're going to go through. Because we are living in a fallen world. So nothing is perfect here. And the truth is you'll meet someone who's going to hurt your feelings.

 You'll meet someone who's going to take you for granted. You'll meet someone who's going to like carelessly talk to you. You'll meet someone who is going to mistreat you. But it is how you respond to what you go through. 

Now the first group I mentioned that thrive; This group doesn't allow what they're going through to change the internal system to the worst. So they don't allow the negativity...that is happening in their outer lives, to get infused into the internal system. To get infused into their belief system. So that they begin now to reproduce that negativity by themselves. 

This other group does the opposite of that. They allow the negative experiences, the painful experiences to distort the internal environment. To distort their minds, distort their brains. And so at the end of the day, they begin to reproduce that failure, that negativity, that pain. They begin to reproduce it and so in psychology, we say they begin to self-sabotage. They begin to self-defeat through their talks, through their actions, through their behavior. 

And so at the end of the day, they begin to reproduce that failure, that negativity, that pain

I think you can choose right now which side you want to belong. Because at the end of the day your life explains it all. It's either you are on this other group that is thriving through ... difficult circumstances or the group that is dying through difficult circumstances. 

Consider people who have lost their authenticity. Their original self. Their happy self, through the circumstances. You've got to make a choice on this. And that is the reason why the 3L Coaching program is a solution for you.

 You need to begin to LET OUT. You begin to engage in this life in your authenticity. And that is likely to begin by you sharing your painful story so that once you release, once you empty the cup, you create space on which you can now bring into it positive stuff or stuff that is going to propagate you up. 

To propel you forward rather than leaving you stagnated. I think that is what I want to suggest to you. So if you're good about it, there's a link below I want you to go straight to the free call opportunity. Let's talk about your life, let's talk about your story. And I can assure you you'll feel relieved. You'll feel better than before. Thank you and I'll see you there

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