How sharing your story with a coach opens up your bright future into visibility


Welcome to part two, of telling your story. In part one; I highlighted the importance of sharing your story. I said your story has two parts. 

Your story has the part where it shows relationships involved. Relationships that took advantage of your naivety, of your vulnerability, of your inexperience, of ignorance, and they abused you, they mistreated you, and basically took you for a ride.

 But part two shows how you personally GAVE the power over your HAPPINESS, power over your PEACE, power over your FULFILLMENT in life, to them. 

So when you share your story, you bring those two parts in the open.

 In part one, you'll be able to look at all those relationships and you'll be able to attach responsibility, like in an instance where it is your parents who are involved, parents are expected to be on the side of their child. 

To protect their child to like define to them what safety means, emotionally mentally and spiritually, and most important physically. So if it's your mother, if it's your father that abused you that emotionally, you know hurt you,  injured you, then it's quite unfortunate. 

However, you are an adult now. You are a grown-up now, and something you can do is not to allow your past to affect your present. 

So when you don't address emotional pains, emotional injuries, you experienced in the past. Even if you are not responsible, because you were young, you were inexperienced, and you are a child. They will continue to haunt you. They'll continue to affect you. 

You'll continue to sort of engaging your emotional mental and spiritual energy in nursing those things. 

At the same time, you need to focus on today's Goals, Dreams, and Visions. And so you'll always feel like you don't have enough energy to wake up every morning and pursue those dreams, goals, and visions.

 So the other reason why you need to share your story is that part two affords an opportunity, to learn how you GAVE your power away. So in most instances, you gave your power away because you wanted to belong. You wanted to feel accepted. You wanted to feel appreciated. You wanted not just to rock the boat. 

But now you learn that, for you to be allowed to succeed,  to be fulfilled in life, you've got to take your power back. You've got to decide that you come first. Your happiness. Your joy. Your emotional, mental health comes first. 

Would you like to share what is hurting you right now?

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