Understanding Cognitive Distortions-LESSON03


 Thinking in extremes. Do you only see the negative in a situation or in yourself? With black and white thinking, you may say something like I'm a complete failure. Or my parents are such idiots, or you never listen to me, or I'm the only one around here who-ever gets things done. right?

You can catch yourself doing this when you use extreme wording like always, never, completely, terrible, etc. If you're using words like that you are speaking in black and white. Now James works at a fast-food restaurant right! James thinks my boss is the biggest jerk ever. She is so mean to me.

She doesn't even know how to make the food. I hate her and I hate my job. It's the worst job ever in the whole country. And this makes him feel angry, mistreated, discouraged, and victimized. Okay, number 04 is

04-Mind Reading.

 Mind reading is assuming that people don't like you. Or assuming that you know how they feel about you. You might say things like nobody likes me. Everyone is judging me. My boss must think I'm incompetent. In session James would sometimes say to me, you must think I'm a terrible person. Mind reading makes you feel Insecure, Anxious, Fearful, and sometimes Angry, Vindictive, or Upset. But it's not really based on reason. Okay, number 05 is


Catastrophizing is all about assuming that your fears and your worries must be true. You believe the worst-case scenario in your head, is the most likely outcome. It's what-if thinking. It's imagining catastrophes. It sounds like this is never going to work. I'm going to fail and make a complete fool of myself. It sounds like oh she's late. It's raining she must have crashed her car, and she's upside down in a ditch.

And with catastrophizing, you assume that your prediction is a fact. James would say things like; I'm never going to be successful. I'm going to be stuck working fast food for the rest of my life. Now just to be clear these are his words, not mine. There is nothing wrong with honest labor. I worked for four years in a fast-food company I worked in a treadmill factory. I've worked manual labor for a good 10 years. There's nothing wrong with it. And also remember James, he's in his early 20s and in a matter of a couple of years he could get a new job training. A new career and he could change his entire future. But catastrophizing made him feel like everything was hopeless.

Catastrophizing makes you feel Fearful, Anxious, Hopeless and it prevents real helpful action. Okay number 06, is

06-Emotional Reasoning. 

It's thinking that your feelings accurately reflect reality. So for example, if you're feeling stressed out about school, you might think the teacher must be giving us too much homework. Or if you feel hurt, you think the other person must be a jerk. When you're on your period you think oh I feel terrible so I must be a terrible person. Or here's a really common one if you feel anxious in social

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  1. Congratulations on attending LESSON03 on Cognitive Distortions. Here is a short introspective and retrospective exercise, on how you could have been applying these distortions unconsciously much to your misery.✅

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  3. LETTING GO-Which of the cognitive distortions above, have you applied in the recent past, at home, at the workplace, etc.
    What EFFECT has the use of such a cognitive distortion had on your RELATIONSHIPS, CAREER, and BUSINESS?
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  4. LETTING IN-What different outcome would you receive in future similar circumstances if you learned how to counter the distortions you have been using much to your misery and pain?👇 ✅