2 Major Motivations To Share Your Personal Story with the Coach



So if you've ever come across me, then you know I focus on encouraging, and challenging individuals to express their authentic feelings, their authentic thoughts, and basically to be who they are without titles, without credentials, without positions. 

That's what I believe every human being should become. That's the space I believe each one of us, was created to function. In a place where you feel free to be you, a place where you permit yourself to be human, to try things out, to make mistakes, and learn from them. 

And just keep on getting the best version of you out, even when you go through trying moments. So in this episode, I want to highlight the importance of ACKNOWLEDGING and OWNING up your story, and most importantly, sharing your story is about experiences you've gone through right from the time you are a child. Good and bad alike. 

Your story is about the relationships you have been involved in or the relationships that have participated in your life. Good and bad alike. 

Your story has two parts; it has the part where because of naivety, because of your inexperience, because your vulnerability, because of you are you know incapacity, some people took advantage of that and they abused you. They hurt you, they mistreated you

Another part of your story is how you GAVE your power away. So how did you give your power, so that these people who came close to your life used it against you? 

They used it to hurt you, they used it to mistreat you, they used it to abuse you. So when you share your story all those parts come out. And the most important one for me is the one that you realize how you give your power away so that you can get your power back.

 Because fulfillment in life, satisfaction in life, is not possible until you get your power back. Until you assume personal responsibility for your happiness, over your success over the pursuit and the achievement of your goals dreams, and visions. 

So in the 3L Coaching program, we insist on you sharing your story, because, when you bring the two parts out; People who abused you, people who hurt you, you LET GO and forgive them. 

And let them go then you can also focus on how you can get your power back. Thank you very much. I hope to see you in the first session, where you just tell your story, in an environment that is non-judgmental, where you feel the love, you feel appreciated, and you'll feel you know affirmed. 

Do you want to experience the freedom of being you without fear or judgment? Here is how you begin sharing your story in a safe, confidential space.

Get Started via this link (https://bit.ly/37xOpBp)

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