The most important gift you have been given freely by GOD



So one of the blessings that you have been given, I've been given, without spending even a DIME or a SHILLING is the blessing of being a human being. Or is it a blessing of being human? Is the best gift you have ever been given is the best gift I've ever been given. 

Being human gives you LEGITIMACY, gives you LEGALITY to be an occupant on the planet called Earth. 

The space called earth can only have human beings inhabit it. So being human gives you the right, gives you the power, gives you the Ability, gives you the Freedom, to function, to thrive, and to excel on the planet called Earth. The recent you know evolution. 

The recent um technology let's say, in the recent basically external pressure coming from society in terms of beauty, in terms of um intelligence, in terms of financial prowess, all that has induced and unwanted pressure for human beings to seek to run away from being human. 

So there's a constant push for you and for me to become Superhuman, for us to be able to do what we are not wired to do. 

For us to be able to function in a way we're not wired to function. That is an attempt to move from being human into superhuman. 

Now what has happened anytime with that push and you succumb to that push, you are mentally and emotionally subjected to internal pressure, that than what you can handle. 

And illnesses such as Depression, illnesses such as Anxiety, illnesses such as Panic attacks, have characterized such a lifestyle. 

So what you can do even with all the pressure, even with all the push, and pull outside there from the society, from your friends, from global you know fraternity as a whole. 

What you can do is to insist that you're human, and remain human and as a human, you can succeed you can fail. You can make the right decision; you can make the wrong decision. 

You can always learn from wrong decisions, from mistakes. Because as a human being you were never created to be perfect. 

Thank you I hope this helps you to calm down, and be human because being human will give you more success, Fulfillment, and Satisfaction

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