LETTING IN-Identification and Installation of Emotional Health and Life Skills



Welcome to the 3LCoaching program. And this episode is about chapter 3, which is named LETTING IN. So we've run through chapter one, LETTING OUT.

Which is about sharing your story of Pain, Frustration, Anger, and basically, why you need a coach. Or you need someone to help you, you know move from a state of MISERY to a state of CELEBRATION, to state of ABUNDANCE, the state of flowing you know in the best version of yourself.

So we've gone also to chapter number two. Which is about LETTING GO. So it's about intentionally, and deliberately Choosing to Detach yourself, from Memories, ..you know Impressions, and basically images ....courtesy of past relationships, and they impacted you negatively. So you detach yourself Emotionally, Mentally, and Spiritually and even Physically from those relationships.

And so we are now into chapter number three, which is about LETTING IN. So basically, you realize that all through, right from the time you're a child to the time you become an adult. All that....period; if there's something you had lost at that moment, is losing the power to be in charge of your life.

So you gave your power to your parents uh who abused it, okay unconsciously. let me use that word. You also gave your power to friends, to people along the way, who also abused that power. And so this is the last opportunity for you now to reclaim your power back.

Every one of us has the resources Emotional, Mental and Spiritual, and Physical resources; to be in charge of our own personal space or own worlds. And then you tend, you get to choose who comes into your world and who doesn't come into your world. Now that is achieved in chapter number three.

We are now we're going to evaluate what skills have you been lacking right from the time you're a child. Mostly you'll find that someone who lacks, skills in assertiveness, is people who never want to rock the boat. So they'll definitely not express emotion. They'll definitely not express a feeling they want to express displeasure.

They want to express pleasure. Like they'll be walking on Eggs Shells because they don't want to disturb you know the familiar setting. So we are going to look at such skills perhaps Assertiveness, Negotiation skills.

Also going to look at skills on how you can you know maintain a state of emotional and mental health. And all those stuff we shall do in chapter number three. So what are you waiting for?

Join the program and let's handle your movement from Depression to Expression. The movement from you know Suppression to Expression. Your movement from mediocre into excellence Thank you and, i will see you there

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