LETTING GO-Intentional emotional , Mental, and Spiritual detachment from the past


 Welcome to the 3L Coaching program. My name is coach martin and in this episode, I'll run you through what chapter 2 is all about. Chapter 2 is named LETTING GO. 

So letting go is where we look at every relationship that you have been involved in, right from the time you were a child. Every relationship you've gotten yourself into as an adult. 

And so we evaluate each of those relationships and the impact they had on you. Or in terms of your Emotional, Mental and Spiritual, you know FUNCTIONING. 

So for most people, relationships between them and their parents basically laid a foundation that has led to progressive pain and misery in relationships. 

So we're going to look at the relationship between you and your parents, like....did you feel LOVED, did you feel ACCEPTED, did you feel AFFIRMED, did you feel AFFECTION, Did, you feel like you are VALUED, like you Mattered in the lives of your primary caregivers; your mother or your father? 

So basically... we look at every relationship and the impact it had on you. And then lastly we will work on the healing part, which is about now, you emotionally mentally, and spiritually detaching yourself from those relationships. 

Now... you can say you're no longer living with, you're no longer physically living with everyone that you've mentioned in the evaluation of relationships! But yet ...until you let them go, until you intentionally, deliberately decide to disengage you know, from them emotionally, mentally, and spiritually; you're still hooked to them. 

Basically, wherever you are, you're still pulling your life ..which is in the present, but you're relying on your past to influence your present. 

And that's why you look at all the relationships you've been involved in, there seems to be a pattern. 

Each of those relationships breaks at one point or you lose connection at one point. And it seems like it's it's always starting all over again. 

So LETTING GO is about evaluating all those relationships, and most importantly you healing from the negative impact or negative effects of those relationships. 

So if you've done already chapter number one, which is about LETTING OUT, then this is chapter number two. 

So you can Sign up below, and we shall begin the process immediately. Thank you and I hope to see you during the sessions

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