LETTING OUT-Opening your world to a professional coach to empathize with you


Apparently, there are many causes of depression. But there is one that gives a chance that allows the man, the woman suffering from depression to make it all over again. To recreate their lives, to start afresh. To come out from depression into expression. And that is what I intend to focus on today. 

Distorted thinking, distorted thoughts, stinking thinking, thoughts are One of the major causes of depression. Depression has many definitions; Professional, psychological ones and medical. All those definitions are perfect. However, I chose to depart from those definitions because I want to highlight the individual who is suffering from depression. I want them to be exalted. I want them to come out on top, even during the depression.

So depression is simply, your internal environment being corrupted or being defiled. So that instead of working for the betterment, for the success, for the progress of you as an individual, it works against all that. It opposes your progress; it shuts you from engaging in relationships. It stops you from waking up every morning and going about doing your domestic chores. 

Going to work and going to your business. It interferes with your visions, dreams, and goals. Definitely, that is not something you want out of your life. You want the best out of it, right? But depression interferes with your internal environment, which is the force that runs your life.

It’s not so much what happens outside that affects your life. It’s really what happens on the inside that affects your life. So depression interferes with your inside space. With your internal space and once the internal space has been corrupted, has been defiled, it is released from your talks, from your actions, from your behavior. And that gets you into a cycle of failure, of pain and anguish. So in this episode, I want to share Step number one you can take in your journey of freedom. From depression to expression.

Depression suppresses the best of you. Depression suppresses the emotional, mental energy you can use to become the best version of yourself. It interferes with the expression of the authentic you. So this process, the 3L COACHING program helps you, to take your power back. 

To take control over your mind back, so that you are freed. Your emotional, mental and spiritual energy is freed o push you into your destiny. Into your visions, into your dreams, goals. Into becoming the best version of yourself.

So Chapter one is about letting out. Letting out, in a nutshell, is sharing your story. Letting out is sharing the pain, shame, guilt, condemnation, and suffering you have been going through alone in your private space. You do that in the presence of a professional, a counselor, or a coach, or even a friend.

So what does letting out do?  What happens during letting out? 

(01). It opens up your world to a counselor or a coach, or even a friend to come in empathize with you. Your world is unique to you is known to you. No one can come into your world and be of any help unless you invite them in. How do you invite them?  By telling Out Your Story. By letting out, the details of your pain of your shame of your guilt of your suffering.

(02)Letting Out helps you to connect with some part of your story, which you had, which had gone unnoticed or which you had forgotten because your mind had to adopt what we call a survival mode or a survival personality to endure those moments of pain and anguish, especially when you were a child. So, during letting out you get an opportunity to connect some parts of the story. Your story has to be fluid and interconnected for you to move from depression into expression.

(03). You get to release the negative energy that has been cumulating, that has been bottling up right from the time you were a child, when the painful, traumatic negative experiences, you know happened. When you encountered them at that time, there is negative energy that has been building up. Because, for some reason, you are taught to cover up. You were taught not to reveal that pain. And that made it hard for you, it made you really absorb so much negative energy just to survive.

(04). You give yourself permission to be you. And when you accept your life as it has been, it doesn't mean you are saying yes to the suffering or pain you went through. On the contrary, you are opening up your world to the Opportunities of healing and becoming the best version of yourself. So those four things take place in chapter one of the 3L Coaching Program which is LETTING OUT. 

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I would like to know if you are interested to join this program. There is a link below this video. I would like you to click that link and then go through some questions. Then at the end of the day, you can make up your mind whether to join the program or not. But those that have ever joined the program have never regretted it. It’s a Sort of. It's a freeing program. It makes you feel better just during the first session. You would feel like a huge LOAD has been taken off your shoulders. I believe you would want something like that. Right.

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