10 Characteristics of Those Who Grew Up With Childhood Emotional Neglect


Childhood Emotional Neglect is an ordinary, unremarkable experience that takes place in a host of homes, to hosts of children, every single day. Many such homes are downright loving and caring in every other way.

CEN is a painful process that leaves its mark on the child, who will grow up to suffer its results. Compounding the problem is the strong likelihood that the child, now an adult, will have no memory of what went wrong.

Here are the 10 Characteristics exhibited by men and women who grew up with childhood emotional neglect

  • Feeling Of Emptiness- 
  • Counter-dependence
  • Lack of self-knowledge
  • Poor compassion for self (probably plenty for others)
  • A tendency toward guilt and shame
  • Self-directed anger and self-blame
  • A deep sense of being flawed, or different from everyone else
  • Struggles with self-care
  • Struggles with self-discipline
  • Difficulties identifying, naming, and understanding how emotions work in oneself and others
A feeling of you are not happy, but you are not sad either 

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