I know I have friends' but i feel like I have no one to talk to about the things that goes in my head


Your life is an expression of two realms. The physical realm which is open to the people around you and the world in general, and the spiritual realm which is private and privy to you alone.

As opposed to the physical realm, the right to access the private life of a person must be earned. You only reveal the private things about yourself to only those who have earned your trust.

About what to share and with who is for you to determine. It's ok to have friends yes, but most importantly, it's priceless to have friends who can participate in your most private and guarded space.

It's in your private space where true pain and true pleasure is experienced and felt. You want to share moments of pleasure and pain with your most trusted friend or persons.

There is a special kind of relationship you have with each of these friends which decides to what extent each is accorded the access rights to the most guarded and private space.

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