How was the Session today -and how can i serve you better?



Hello! My Name is Coach Martin, so pleased to have had a session with you. In the comments,below share how enlightening, challenging and inspiring the session was, and also indicate how better I can serve you in the subsequent sessions.

Thank You| Martin Wise-Coach


  1. Trizah: This is Coach Martin, so pleased we had a session with you TODAY. We talked about how important it is to connect emotionally with yourself and others.

    What did you LEARN today and willing to PUT the LESSON into practice IMMEDIATELY?

    SHARE your feedback below this comment.

  2. I learnt about emotional connection you told me the moment you connect yourself with others azn like opening up as a woman your mind starts functioning normal ...sharing my problems with people I can trust

    1. Absolutely. Your focus is keeping your mind and heart as fresh as possible.

      This is recognizing that you are always creating thoughts and Emotions based on the external interactions and experiences.

      Some thoughts and Emotions are positive, just as some are negative.

      Having a person you can freely share with the thoughts and Emotions guarantees that your internal composition is as positive as possible.