6 Profound Reasons To Set Personal Boundaries In Relationships


For most people, the idea of setting boundaries in relationships seems to be a bad one or something that is unnecessary. The reason why they think boundaries in relationships are bad is that they think boundaries keep people apart. However, this assumption is very incorrect.

On the contrary, it is imperative to have personal boundaries in a relationship in order to have a loving relationship. The truth is that a relationship cannot be healthy if clear boundaries are not established and respected.

For the most part, we usually don’t give much attention to the existence of boundaries in our daily lives. But there are actually all sorts of boundaries all around us. While some are unspoken or unwritten, others are set and regulated.

For example, you would not expect to climb over a neighbor’s fence at an odd hour and not get reprimanded. Also, civility requires that when driving on a two-lane road, you should stay to the right of the centerline. Cubicle walls and office spaces also help to mark boundaries in a work environment.

Boundaries are definitely all around us. Their purpose is to help us maintain a well-balanced and functional society. This is vital because everyone is different and in general, our needs, wants, and idiosyncrasies don’t line up.

The question that begs to answer at the moment is why should romantic relationships be treated differently in terms of setting boundaries.

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    1. What are boundaries in relationship
      -they define who yu are ,what is you and what is not you in a relationship.
      - they also meant to shw yu where you end and someone else begins.

      Important of boundaries in a relationship

      -it allows you to establish how you want others to behave around.
      - it helps to define where yu and your partner begin and end as individuals.
      - also helps to reduce tendency of partners fighting and wanting to breakup.
      - elimination of blames also
      -helps partners take responsibility for other part in any misunderstandings, conflict or harsh treat.
      - also is a great way to respect your partners feelings.

      Boundaries in early relationship
      -sometimes boundaries inearly rlshps may not be effective ,there might be disagreements but there is need to develop respect for each other boundaries,wants and goals

      Emotional boundaries
      -have learnt its imp to separate your feelings from those of your partners
      -your feelings are a choice and that you have control over them

      Setting healthy boundaries in rlsh
      -knowing what you experiencing is the first thing to do when trying to establish heathy rltshp ,,so your boundary are an expression of your inner self affirmation.
      - yu should talk abt this affirmed boundaries in a respectiful way to avoid misunderstandings

      Communicating boundary in relationship

      - partners need to develop good ad honest communication skills.
      -be specific ad direct in communicating boundaries

      NB/. Setting boundaries is never abt being mean to other people and its not selfish its abt being present and sensitive to others while not ignoring our needs.

    2. Great. Now looking back at your life, and all the relationships you have had, did you have boundaries?

    3. Hahahahaha it had a lot of misunderstandings

    4. Can you remember the exact boundary that brought misunderstanding? please share if you do?